My good friend Allison Culver , through her wonderful organization UnforgottenHeroes, is trying to help a hero and a good friend of mine. You can find out how you can help by the following the link below.




I know things are tough out there, but any donation can help Eric in his time of need.


The Conservative Watchtower Online Radio by dana smearman | BlogTalkRadio.

In has become all too obvious that the federal government has grown beyond the scope of those brave men who founded this great nation. This movement has been happening for the last one hundred plus years, but the acceleration that has occurred in the last few years has been quite shocking indeed. It has also become painfully obvious that the Democrats have no intention of slowing down their assault on federalism or individual liberty. It has also become obvious that the Republican Party, in its current form, is either unable, or unwilling, to stop this assault.

Many within the conservative movement have become dispirited, they have accepted defeat at the hands of the left, for they can see  no way to undo what has taken place. There is a way forward fellow patriots and it can be found in the pages of a great new book by Mark Levin, The Liberty Amendments : Restoring The American Republic. If you are concerned about the fate of this society, if you are looking for a way to fight back against tyranny, than this is the book you need.



A little message to the Political Ruling Class of this country…your time is up!!!!  It is time to return to our constitutional roots!!  Want more information, then just hit the link below.